The intricacies of Natural Language Processing and the need for data wrangling before machines can start processing

These days, Natural Language Processing applications such as chatbots, speech recognition, and text summarization are gaining a lot of attraction. Countless companies have integrated or looking to integrate smart chatbot services to better serve customers. Researches are pushing the boundaries on improving natural interpretation accuracy in hopes that machines can one day reach and surpass human interpretation of natural languages.

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“Alexa, how much time is left on the pizza timer?”

It’s trivial for Alexa to respond to a question like that. But how good is it at holding up conversations with a 10-year-old?

Turns out that natural languages are a…

This is you, dressed up appropriately for the virtual meeting as you would for any real meetings. (At least the top half. Nobody needs to know you’re wearing gym shorts.) You are also behaving properly for the meeting, acting professionally, listening tentatively, asking questions, and trying hard not to sound tired even though you literally just woke up 10 minutes before the meeting.

These are the 6 other types of people that you meet in virtual meetings.

The Invisible Lurker

According to legend, this person joined the team after the pandemic started so you have never met this person in real life. …

Warning: The following content contains spoilers for the movie Tenet, directed by Christopher Nolan. I strongly recommend this one-of-its-kind movie. If you haven’t watched it yet, save this medium story on your reading list, watch the movie, and come back.

The Present

The Protagonist: “Doesn’t us being here now means it never happens? That we stop them?”

Neil: “Optimistically, I’d say that’s right.”

The Protagonist: “Pessimistically?”

Neil: “In a parallel worlds theory, we can’t know the relationship between consciousness and multiple realities. Does your head hurt yet?”

Tenet from The Verge

During the trip back to Oslo in the container, the Protagonist asked Neil about the…

with code sample in Angular + Jasmine testing framework

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Let’s start with a simple task:

Create a button, “Retrieve Analytics”, that displays the analytics in a UI component below the button when clicked.

Note: You may assume that the HTML file where the button should exist is already created. You can retrieve information from making a GET request to an API endpoint:{caseId}

Step 1: Plan your code structure

To create a button, we will need to create a <button></button> element in the respective HTML element.

Next, let’s plan to create a service to handle the request to{informationId} . …

When developing, how often do you think about starting over from scratch and redesigning the whole system?

“Developers buy into a familiar lie: ‘We can clean it up later; we just have to get to market first!’ Of course, things never do get cleaned up later, because market pressures never abate” — Clean Architecture: A Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design

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There will always be new requirements to fulfill and new features to ship. If the code isn’t well designed in the first place, one day it will come down burning.

Developer’s nightmare scenarios:

  • there is no way of…

7 steps on how to set your personal 2021 roadmap

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As we are wrapping up in 2020, many companies are starting to have year-end talks and 2021 roadmap plans. Product managers have their schedules packed with planning and retrospective meetings to plan for the year ahead. How about our personal goals for 2021? How can we plan our personal 2021 roadmap as Product Managers would?

(Note: Some links in the following are affiliate links. If you choose to purchase the item through the link, it will help me earn some extra bucks at no cost to you. :) Thank you)

Step 1: Get Feedback

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would…

The inner turmoils when Slack went down while working from home

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According to Slack’s status page (, Slack was down from 9:14 AM CST to 1:28 PM CST on Jan. 04, 2021.

This was definitely not the first time that Slack went down (, but it is the first time that I have encountered Slack going down while our entire team is connecting remotely.

The following is a playback of the whole incident and the valuable lessons our team learned during the downtime.

Wait? Is Slack or my Internet down?

I was in the middle of debugging when a Slack notification popped up on the bottom right…

And the telltale signs that you are on the right track — from a tech lead

Three women working together on their laptops
Three women working together on their laptops
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Pick and choose from the following tips as you see fit!

1. Reduce Context Switch Before the Task Is Completed

This all makes sense and is reasonable until deadlines approach. Chances are, you always have managers to report to or customers to respond to. A missed deadline would be a sour blemish on your performance report. Whenever I see newly hired developers still trying to understand the code base mere days away from the deadline, I have to fight the urge to ask them to push whatever they have and complete it myself.

Think back to the time when you started as a junior developer. How often were you…

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Last month, my entire phone screen suddenly turned bright green. Of course, I promptly tried turning it on and off again to see if that would fix the problem. After several attempts, I had to reluctantly admit that rebooting is not always the ultimate solution and decided to take it to the repair shop. Turns out the whole screen needs a replacement and it would cost around $120 and two weeks to get it fixed.

Ugh. I was hesitant about fixing an old phone for $120. …

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